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UnderGround Fitness LLC

Where everyone is still a work in PROGRESS!!!


We are updating our fees and adding a couple of new training options here at UnderGround Fitness, LLC. Here is our current program offerings and fees for those programs:

WALK-IN SESSION (NO TRAINER):                                       $10  PER SESSION (call ahead for available times)

TRAINER LED SESSION;                                                        $25 PER SESSION


EXERCISE THERAPY SESSIONS*:                                       Starting at $45 PER SESSION

BODY BUILDING TRAINING:                                                  $75 PER SESSION

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING:                                             $50 PER SESSION

YOGA:                                                                                                TBD

HEAVY BAG WORKOUT: (Saturday/Sunday only)                  $10 no trainer/$25 beginner w/trainer 1 hour by appointment

All sessions are by appointment. We have added yoga to our services, however we have not decided on a price yet. We will keep you updated on prices and when this service is officially available to everyone. Please contact us at 785-456-4766, or, [email protected] , if you have any questions.

We have a heavy bag now and are offering Saturday and Sunday  times for either a no trainer session, or a session with training for beginners. We will soon also have a speed bag set up to allow for the more advanced person to get time on both heavy bag and speed work. Call for an available time on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Body building and strength and conditioning programs are "clean" programs. You can supply your own workout supplement stack, but we ask that it be steroid free. You can accomplish the same goals clean, it just make take harder work and longer time frame, but your health will be better off .

*Exercise Therapy will require approval from your physician or physical therapist. We can offer some pre-surgery and post physical therapy options for you. Please contact us if you have issues with daily tasks or are getting ready for surgery or are finishing up physical therapy and would like to work toward getting back to where you were prior to your surgery.

We are currently working on a Corrective Exercise certification. More information will be coming as soon as we complete the program. Our Yoga offering is still in the "practice" stage. I hope to have some practices put together by mid-April. We will post that as the time nears.