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UnderGround Fitness LLC

Where everyone is still a work in PROGRESS!!!

We are now offering some stock supplements and have access to others brands and items. If you are looking for a local outlet for your supplements, please email me at [email protected] Stock items are sold by themselves off the shelf, but we can order what you need from suppliers. To get an order, there is a $300 order minimum plus tax. If you place an order, we will cover the freight to the gym for you to pick up. If you place an order of $500 or more, we will cover the freight to ship to your address. **

We still rep for some companies that provide energy gums, hydration supplies, and workout clothing. Here are the sites:

Run Gum: www;  Supplies energy gum for whatever your active lifestyle is.

Nuun Hydration:  Hydration products for athletes and everyday people.

Zensah Workout Gear:  Compression clothing, workout clothes for most any athletic endeavor.

Livesore Workout Gear:  Work out gear for almost anyone that exercises. Use discount code UGF10 when you purchase.

And, we still offer UGF Logo gear. All gear is special order and subject to availability. Gear must be paid for in advance. (Tax and shipping fees added to cost of the gear at time of pre-order.)

** All special supplement orders must be paid for in advance of order being placed with the supplier.